Confirm Constructii contributes to the edification of landmark buildings through a complete set of professional construction and engineering skills backed by advanced technical & planning tools.

From design to turnkey, our company’s dedicated project teams deliver cost estimating, procurement and construction management services for all types of developments: Retail and Shopping Centers, Offices, Industrial and Logistics, Hotel and Leisure, Infrastructure and Utilities, Public works, Residential, Projects Consultancy.

As Client Representatives on a construction project, we are in charge with the whole supervision of the progress of construction works, evolution of costs, time and especially risks to budget overruns, the compliance with the original design and quality standards as well as any other demands of the Project Beneficiary may have and constantly reporting them in a very transparent and effective manner.

Our careful supervision, through permanent and transparent communication and reporting, as well as frequent site visits or even permanent stay, destined to address impending issues before they occur. Since the financing aspects of the project are very important and often sensitive, our specialists refer to the most effective use of the loan facility and tailored advice on how to complete the project and hot to fit in the initial budget.

Usually, the effective management for big and complex projects requires a Master Management Program, encompassing specific action sets for each sub-process. The project management team regularly monitors very carefully the progress of planning and construction approvals with the appropriate authorities.

A great project features modern, distinctive design, as well as cutting-edge technical specifications, delivering unparalleled experience to its beneficiaries. Our projects come to life through conscientious site supervision, control and carrying out of the quality standards throughout the construction process in compliance with design specifications and local norms.

The biggest risks, which may affect the budget, timeline or quality standards of a construction project, we elaborate thorough simulations, assessing both the value and the likelihood of their occurrence. Our efforts ensure transparency on any potential threat and its consequences, allowing us to identify and to combat the potential risks

Construction management, or CM, is the most important part of a construction project, being the most difficult to manage. Likewise, CM involves the application of technical and scientific knowledge to construction projects. While engineering focuses on design and construction management is concerned with overseeing the actual construction, CM often represents a blend of both disciplines, bridging design and management on project execution. Construction managers are key players in the successful completion of construction projects. They may have an educational background at both undergraduate and graduate levels as well as experience in construction management techniques. Their skills may be applied widely to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Confirm Constructii is looking forward thinking projects in a proper environment surrounded by particular and highly trained type of specialists, who can expertly combine construction engineering knowledge with project management skills.